Parba Fashion Ltd

We have our Own Merchandising and Sourcing Team strong and capable enough to handle order execution independently and successfully.

We have In-house Sample Room with bulk representing machines, mannequins and CAD software compatible with Optitex, Garber and Lectra.

A great team of right people in right seats with down-to-earth spirited directors at the steering, continually working together on real difficulties and bringing about excellent results with simplified concepts, culture of discipline and technological accelerators.

Most Competitive Price, Highest Quality Level, Shortest Production Lead Time and On-time Delivery are guaranteed.

Well compliant in terms of fire safety, structural integrity, health and safety, Salary and wages, no child or forced labor, no gender discrimination, in-house doctor / nurse, Child care Room, Canteen and other social requirements.

Real Time and Remote Production Monitoring with the help of cloud based software.

Global Presence and No Local customers –Products are 100% exported

Easy access to Men, Machines, Materials and Methods: Being in Bangladesh, the second largest garments hub of the world, we have a very easy access to strong supply chain of materials, skilled and cost-effective manpower, latest hi-tech machinery and technical know-how, industry best practices.

Nearness to Sea Port: As we are based in Chattogram, the port city of Bangladesh, our goods can be transported to and from the port in just 30 minutes whereas the factories in the other parts of Bangladesh need about two days.